Prosperity Manifestation Coaching & Courses

Coaching and Courses designed to help you connect with the Divinity within, dissolve agendas and internal structures of the ego to find the lesson plan and destiny setup for you, and the guidance and resources that are available to connect with to manifest this plan. 


The goal of these programs is to assist you towards moving into the flow of Infinite Abundance of the Divinity within yourself, manifesting your heart's desire and deep soul longing.

One-on-One Coaching Sessions

Coaching helps with manifesting clear intentions and desires: what your internal guidance is giving you about what you here to manifest.  Every time you find a deep intense longing, there is a purpose for this to manifest in some form.  The goal is to penetrate through the layers of pre-existing ideas and perceptions about what you think can happen and connect with what is ready to happen.

45 min sessions                     $150

Prosperity Manifestation Course


We are soul beings here in this world having a human experience.  Our nature in the soul being is infinite with unending abundance and prosperity.  In our human experience, we can feel lack and stuck and even scarce.  To open ourselves up to this infinite abundance within, we need to re-identify with our soul’s purpose and longing and then attract the resources we need, through Prosperity Consciousness.  In this process we’ll see the power of our thoughts as they translate into a vibration, and this vibration brings us further into our human story of lack, or expands us into a vibration of infinity.  We will see how focus attracts all we need and how our experiences guide us to refine our requests.

Everything in this world is here to serve you and you are serving a soul's destiny.  All of the resources for this service are abundantly available in each moment as we are always given all that we need to serve that soul's purpose.  Our job is to find, or refine that soul's purpose and to get in touch with it to attract the resources that are there for that purpose.  When we don't get what we need, it is a sign that we need to bring our attention within and apply our prosperity consciousness to connect with this infinite flow. Blocks or obstacles are messages we can read to shift direction to attune ourselves to this Creative energy of the Universe flowing through us


Prosperity is a flow of the Creator coming through us.  As we align with this, we open ourselves to allow this energy to come into our being and show us the way.


This course is a six week process of journeying into a deep dive of transformation for big internal shifts. 

It works well for people who are already clear of what focus they would like to achieve, even if it is different than financial: health, connection, strength - anything that feels deeply connected to a heart's desire is useful to begin with.  If you are not certain about your main focus, schedule a coaching session to develop this focus.  Clarity is the most important step in a manifestation process. This course takes the clarity further.


There are Six Modules with one covered each week:

1. Introduction and Orientation: Setting up the Internal Structures for Massive changes

2. Identify the Focus of your Prosperity Journey and Refine this intention to penetrating clarity

3. Identify and Overcome Obstacles in the Path of this Intention

4. Asking God for Help: Connecting with the Infinite Divine Grace that lives always within you

5. Cultivating Conscious Gratitude and Appreciation: Magnify the Prosperity Focus and Draw in What you are looking for

6. Closing and Holding this Frequency Going Forward


Group class: We will meet as a class once a week for 2 hours to meditate together and go through the course content and visualizations as a group.  

One-on-One Coaching session: We will meet weekly for a personalized coaching session to develop the concepts towards your goal.  There will be homework from these sessions.  45 min

Homework and Meditations will take at least 1.5 hrs per day and could extend up to 2.5 hours or more.  It depends on the time and space you have for your internal reflections and meditations.  


This course is limited to 5 people maximum to ensure we go deep with the people attending.  It is very important that you only sign up if you are ready to make these deep internal shifts and have the time and space to focus on the work as it will mean working on many facets of your beliefs, internal structures, going through emotions and past lessons and setting up new spaces for your next chapter.  It a Deep Dive, with a lot going on in these 6 weeks.  

To assist with this process, everyone who is interested will talk with GuruKirin Kaur to make sure you are the right fit for the course.  Again, you are welcome to setup Coaching sessions until you are ready for a Deep Dive course like this.

6 weeks x  15+ hours per week        $1,800   (payment plan of $600 x 3 weeks available if needed)

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