Nonprofit Training for Board Members

Do Boards Need to Verify Training?

Boards sometimes need to be sure that all of their board members have attended training, in order to make sure that all members are operating with the same basis of understanding toward their responsibilities.  This training video outlines the basic concepts important for any board member.  The need for constant education and re-education is an important element to professionalize nonprofits and increase their capacity of service. 


If boards require all of their board members to attend these trainings online, they may benefit from a certificiation service were Khalsa CPA provides a test for each board member to take after each training. 

We track the trainings, helping each board member access the videos they are assigned and then help them take the test with certification of their 'passing' the training.  We then report to the Board Chair with the results. 


Please contact us for more information at or 505-620-4471.