Nonprofit Organization Services

With her broad experience and training in the nonprofit sectory, GuruKirin Khalsa has extensive knowledge about many aspects of nonprofit financial management including covering financial obligations, fixing problems and creating plans for expansion. 

Board Consulting

Board members often join a nonprofit to share their expertise and passion around the mission.  However they have serious obligations concerning financial management which need training and systems for ongoing oversight.  Khalsa CPA provides an assessment of board education, training needs and ongoing consulting to cover board education, and oversight functions. 


In addition, as boards develop, it becomes beneficial to create policies and procedures around key financial areas including: hiring, investments, controls, and many other functions.  Khalsa CPA can advise you about the policies which could benefit your organization's financial management. 

Financial Management

Small nonprofit organizations often do not have the capacity to hire quality, seasoned financial managers to bring in the expertise needed to run a financial department.  The solution to this is to hire a consultant who can help to assess and cover the areas where there are gaps.  This includes CFO outsourcing and support as well as project oriented functions including:

  • Budgeting for improvements in financial condition

  • Optimal corporate structure and related risk analysis

  • Internal controls and fiduciary oversight analysis

  • Guidelines and improved efficiencies in financial management


The process begins with an assessment of the gaps in a financial department and then a recommendation for any improvements with choices for how to cover these and the appropriate cost. 


Khalsa CPA provides a free risk assessment for nonprofits, so please contact us to begin the journey.



As with any business, a nonprofit must grow or become outdated in the marketplace.  This means that nonprofits need a continual focus on growth and improvements with 3-5 year planning. 


Khalsa CPA helps nonprofits struggling with the day-to-day functions to provide a broad outlook and guide the organization through strategic development of long range plans for expansion.


The process includes a strategic assessment with a SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats) and then discusses the options available for growth and how these would impact the organization's resources.  It provides management with an opportunity to assess the environments and create a plan for the future of the organization.


Khalsa CPA can participate in this process as an assessment advisor or lead the organization through the development process


In addition, an organization can focus on a 'Fund-Increase' plan which looks at ways the nonprofit can increase its revenue.  This plan assesses the organization's capacity and opportunities for expanded funding and includes ongoing project support to ensure success.



Many nonprofits choose to contract with flat-fee monthly services as a way to keep costs in budget.  Contact Khalsa CPA to discuss the options that would work best for your organization.